Cian Downing – Don’t Go Away

‘Don’t Go Away’ by Cian Downing is a song dedicated to the young people whose lives have changed immeasurably in the past two years, but have missed out on some of their milestone life events due to the pandemic. There’s nothing we like more than an artist who writes from the heart and from the highly personal lyrics, this one hits the spot for us.

Looking at the publicity photos of Cian, we were pretty sure we knew what kind of sound we were in for. From the Fred Perry shirt in one promo and what looks like a Harrington jacket in the other, we were fairly convinced. We were not disappointed. Don’t Go Away sounds like an early 80s track which would have sat comfortably with the likes of Madness or the Jam. There’s a touch of The Cure in the song too, but definitely an overriding 80s British Mod feel permeates through the whole song.
Dont Go Away starts strongly on drums and you quickly notice how well the bass and drums gel together, as well as some awesome riffs on both. There’s a lot of character to the bass, as you’d expect in this style of song and it sounds truly authentic. The drums have some lovely fills and a consistency in volumes enough to make you question if it’s an electronic kit being played.

This is a very English sounding track. From the moment the vocals come in, “‘ere we go”, you’re transported back to 1980. The vocalist is strong, confident and with a great deal of swagger about him. Its not just the swagger that carries him though, there’s some real control and good technique in the high notes.

Some lovely and well executed harmonies fill the breakdown of just vocals and drums and the song develops, rises and falls in plenty of ways to keep the listener engaged.

From our perspective on the production, there’s a slight harshness in the overall master. We’d suggest a cut around 4-4.5kHz in the overall track and a 2kHz cut in the guitar track to balance this out. Either a boost around 250-300Hz or an instrument that fills this EQ region would add a little more warmth to balance out the track, and a high pass at 45Hz and below will give a little more headroom and take out some frequencies that most household stereos can’t handle.

We love this song. We really do. It’s such a quintessentially British throwback to the 80s track and we’re so thrilled that this kind of music is still being created. Cian Downing has created a song which is both a uniquely personal and highly contagious summer anthem. We can’t wait to hear more!