Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to Clay Joule’s latest song, Nothing Like Loving You, which was released on November 15, 2022.

Nothing Like Loving You is a heartfelt song which is pushing for pet adoption. He is joined on this song by fellow musician, Pete Brailey. Lyrically, this is a song from the perspective of a dog who has been adopted, and it is a touching theme in which the dog is expressing to his new master that he is devoted to him now for the rest of his life. There is some wit and humour laced within the lyrics “I can be very smelly, I’m always hungry” and the accompanying video is a heartwarming black and white montage of scenes of a young girl playing with a dog.

Nothing Like Loving You starts on banjo and sets the scene. This then leads into a full band sound with a country rock influence.

When the vocals come in, we were reminded of Guy Chadwick (House Of Love) and the style here has a slightly 90s Britpop feel to it.

With a simple but effective country-style guitar solo with banjo underneath, this is a song which has just the occasional touch of the 90s band, Rednex. Nothing Like Loving You takes an interesting decision to place the drums in the distance of the mix and panned mostly to the left.

Ideas from our ears.

A hi-pass filter at 35Hz would remove all the unnecessary sub-bass rumble and a fairly large cut centred around 80Hz would make the low end less ‘boomy’, clearing up the mix a little. A couple of small cuts around 500Hz and 1kHz would reduce some slightly boxy and honky tones too. A cut around 8kHz in the vocal track would reduce some sibilant peaks. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Nothing Like Loving You is a heartfelt and earnest song seeking to encourage more people to adopt pets and give them loving new homes. An important message.