We’ve been listening to the latest single from LA (US) based artist, Cloudy Summer Days, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today. Ardor was released on November 18 2022.

Ardor is a song about asking the question, “is this love or being comfortable and attached to someone”. This is specifically after a breakup and asking, “was it all love or was I too comfortable with you”.

Ardor begins with some single notes on electric guitar, slightly reminiscent of Duane Eddy. At the beginning, it gives the impression of a song that perhaps Tarantino might seek out for use in a movie.

As the song progresses, some organs and synths join the mix, together with some heavily reverbed and distant drums. When the vocals join, they are in Spanish and are layered, also with heavy reverbs on them.

Everything about this track feels new-wave 80s style. There are definite nods to OMD or Depeche Mode here. There is a hint of New Order as well.

Ardor has several sections of instrumentals with a repeated riff that gets in your head. Not so much a solo instrument, but more, a collection of instruments all following the repeated pattern.

We like the halftime section where the drums head backwards in the mix again and have cavernous reverbs on them.

Ardor feels like a song that would sit well in the background of a movie. Perhaps a driving scene, or perhaps it is a track that would work well for a listener driving across the country. It also feels like a good track with study vibes – something to put on and listen to that doesn’t detract the listener so much from their task (studying or driving), but one which keeps them entertained while they think of other things.

From a production perspective, we would recommend a boost around 200Hz would add to the warmth in the track. A small cut around 500Hz would reduce some slightly ‘honky’ tones. A boost in the top octave would increase the brightness overall. As always, these are just some ideas from us.

For fans of OMD, Cloudy Summer Days new single, Ardor, will delight anyone seeking just a touch of 80s nostalgia.