COLOR channel – SO FAR

We’ve had the music of Color Channel in our ears today, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, with their latest single, So Far.

With Tony Tempesta on the low end and vocals, Tim McBride on guitar and vocals, Kevin Smith on keyboards and vocals, Mike Ryzer Morrissey on drums, Jared Connell on guitar, percussion, and lead vocals, Color Channel are an ambitious Boston (US) based band, originally formed in 2010.

Released on June 3 2022, So Far is a psychedelic, dreamy, 5 minutes of escapism. With instrumentation that could have been taken from a Portishead album, this track is perfect “study vibes” music.

The layered vocals act almost as an instrument, rather than a focal point (except for one brief breakdown moment) and we found ourselves chilling out and paying very little attention to the subject matter and focussing in on the track which clearly has taken some ideas from Pink Floyd’s handbook of songwriting.

More of an album track than a single, So Far is a two chord repeated sequence that floats along and leaves you feeling very mellow.

The lead vocals feel a little like perhaps there was some Supertramp influences in their styling, and the layered vocals wash over you and add to an effective soundscape for chilling out to.

The track feels positively trance like after a while, as you settle into the familiar chords and listen for more and more instrumentation to be added.

Feeling a little heavy in the low end, and with not a lot happening in the top end, from a production perspective, this makes So Far a perfect track for sync licensing (perhaps in the background of a relaxing montage) or a track to chill out to late at night after a few drinks or, as the band say, smoking a joint.

For lovers of psychedelic, synth laden study vibes and chill out tracks, we’d suggest adding this one to your playlist. It feels a comfortable fit alongside many of the tracks used for 90s chillout compilations.