Coma Rossi – Turn Back Time

This is a beautiful, atmospheric track that captures your interest right from the word go.

It’s really well mixed and mastered. Reminded me in places of Marillion – but more!

I love the way the song builds. This really hooked my interest from start to finish. A beautiful keys section with exquisite vocals and some nice subtle harmonies in all the right places.

I have to say, I was really quite emotional listening to this in places. It’s definitely a progressive track, but without trying too hard to be different. It just flows along and washes over you, drawing your attention 100%. This isn’t background music.

Every instrument is well balanced. Nothing is dominating or fighting for your attention. This is a crisp, clean, quality mixed and mastered track. I urge you to listen to it!

Turn Back Time is pure class. I liked it at the start, and as it built and dropped I was just mesmerised and I loved it by the end. My coffee went cold!

This is my track of the week, without a doubt. 5 ears out of 5!!