Santa Barbara based, Cydeways, have released their latest single, Down, and its an absolute corker!!

This song had us all nodding our heads and grinning right from the word go. Immediately attention grabbing, “Down” is a really commercial sounding Skater Rock track that fans of the likes of Sum 41 are going to just love!

Superb, clean and clear vocals carry this song with some great attitude and swagger. When the occasional backing vocals come in, they’re just right. Not too loud or dominant and simply serve to bolster the lead vocals and make them sound even better.

The rhythm section here is tight tight tight!! Really funky drums and bass that gel perfectly together.

I’m particularly impressed by the low fi sections on the drums that help to build back into the full song. The stereo on the drums made us all shout “YEAH!” as they came through in one of the many expertly played fills.

This is a really professional sounding mix. Kudos to Kyle Black for the production on this track. The only thing I personally would look at is during the section around 2 minutes, there’s a dominating frequency in the guitars that just makes for a little mud in this section. A dip around 150hz would tidy that up. That aside, this is really outstanding work.

This is a really classy song, and definitely our song of the day. Expertly produced and very very catchy. One we’ll be humming all day! We will most definitely be keeping our ears out for more of Cydeways music. They seem to us to be a band on the up – well deserving of air play. I bet they put on an outstanding live show.

We give this song our highest accolade of five ears out of five