We previously reviewed d3lta’s track, Strange, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio and now he’s back with a new song, Hello, and we’re grateful to have the opportunity to take a listen.

Hello starts with downstrokes on an electric guitar and when the vocals come in, we couldn’t help but be reminded of Marilyn Manson’s version of Sweet Dreams. This is a really powerful track straight from the start, with some simple but intoxicating drums that delighted us with the occasional spectacular fill.

‘Hello’ is almost autobiographical in nature, exploring the idea of following your dreams
wherever they take you, even down a path that may leave you with scars.

We love how the first verse builds and builds to a stop and then bursts back in with a positively anthemic chorus with some great layered vocals. After the first chorus, we’re treated to an instrumental section with a repeated guitar riff, before heading to the second verse.

Verse two drops back, but with the addition of a second guitar that hovers around the 2 and 4 beats of the bar, demanding your attention and pushing the song forward. This is songwriting 101 and D3lta has successfully maintained our interest just by adding this slight but important change from verse one.

Vocally, this is stunning. D3lta has managed to create not only an engaging and emotional song, but his vocals within it are astounding. The passion and fire within the delivery of the lyrics are world-class. Reminding us just a touch of ABC, this feels like a song Andrew Lloyd Webber would be proud of – some ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ moments in here for sure!

The choruses are spectacular, as are the builds into them. A chorus of vocals between the lead vocal makes this a real stadium sing-along track. The infectiousness of the chorus demands your full attention.

We like the breakdown after the second chorus; guitar, vocals and the occasional ‘ting’ on the cymbals that then builds back up again to another spectacular chorus.

The song brings itself to a close with a Franz Ferdinand-style section with heavy stabs before ending with a stinger stop.

From a production perspective, we felt that the intro and verses are a little heavy in the low mids area. A cut around 130Hz and again at around 200Hz in the ‘chugging’ guitar would help to even things out. A cut around 250Hz in the vocal track would reduce some occasional ‘muddy’ and unclear tones too. The driven guitar in the choruses (“Hey-Oh!”) is a little harsh around 2kHz so a cut here would help it sound darker.

We were so thrilled to hear this latest track from D3lta. A spectacular arrangement and blow-your-socks-off performance. We look forward to hearing more from this fresh and engaging artist.