D3LTA – Strange

I think it’s entirely possible that the new single by D3LTA, “Strange” might be the team’s song of the day.

Due for release on February 11 2022, we were fortunate enough to get a sneak preview.

This is a supremely positive feeling upbeat Indie rock/pop track from a guy we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.
The song has moments that reminded us of Jason Mraz, and other times where the lead vocalist sounded straight out of the 1970s, although with a quality all of his own and most definitely not a sound-alike.

“Strange” begins with a well mixed, smooth acoustic guitar whose rhythmic quality is enhanced by the addition of a shaker.
The vocals sit clearly in the mix, are easily audible and relatable lyrics. This is, in his own words, an empowering track. He’s not kidding.

The guitar solo has a beautiful tone and is simple but precise. It takes nothing away from the overall feel of the song. Anything more complicated would have been an unnecessary distraction.

What does it for me on this track is the expert use of rise and fall to maintain interest throughout.

This song is a masterclass in forcing emotions out of the listener. The second verse maintains interest because there is the addition of beautifully stereo backing vocals and bass. Later on in the song there’s more electric guitars and full drum kit. “Strange” is a real lesson in how to keep the listener enthralled. There’s no filler in this song. Its all pure class.
Its rare for me as a producer to nod my head and put my pen down, but in this case, D3LTA has nailed it.
Go follow D3LTA on Spotify now so that you can hear “Strange” as soon as its available. You won’t be sorry.

We give this song four ears out of five