Daniel Barrie – The One

Talented teen, Daniel Barrie, has released his latest single, The One. This is a sweet folk/acoustic/singer-songwriter love song that tells its audience that they “might be the one”. This is such a cute and positive sounding song of the excitement of teenage love and the hopefulness it brings.

The song starts with a sublime acoustic guitar solo. Its no suprise that John Mayer is cited as one of Barrie’s influences.
The doubled vocals are a nice touch. They add interest to the lead vocal and draw you into his world.
I’m not sure who plays all the instruments on the track but I did note how well the drums and bass gel together.
The addition of a hammond in places definitely helps to fill out the sound and add a gospel feel in places.

This feels to me to be a song which would work well in the background of a TV show about teenage love, perhaps. There’s something very endearing about the style and the youthfulness that I think would sit well for a BBC drama or similar.
At 4m20s, this is unlikely to be a song which would hit the commercial radio stations, but I imagine Barrie garnering significant local support from independent radio stations, and perhaps BBC introducing. Everyone loves a local hero!

For me, the song really comes to life when the acoustic guitar is soloing. There’s a beautiful tone and a talent beyond his years about the playing, the choice of notes for the soloing and the technique.
I’d like to see a little more separation between sections on this song. Perhaps more drum fills, or different instrumentation. Something to make you more aware you’re in the chorus or the verse. Apart from the switch to the ride cymbal, there’s very little difference.
From a production point of view, I think the song needs a boost in the top end, especially in the vocal track, for a little more clarity. I’d also look at boosting the 100-150Hz area in the overall track for a little more warmth.
I’m always excited to hear young artists coming through using real instruments and performing well. Daniel Barrie is definitely on the right track with his songwriting and is clearly a very talented guitarist as well. An exciting future is ahead of him.

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