Daria Mirea is set to release her debut single today (29 July 2022), Don’t Know Love Yet, and we’ve been fortunate here at the Send Me Your Ears studio to get the opportunity for a pre-release listen. London based, but hailing originally from Romania, Daria achieved success at an early age on the “Voice of Romania” song contest.

Don’t Know Love Yet is a gentle and intimate love song. Starting with some beautiful stereo guitar, you soon come to realise that the main focus of the song is Daria’s spectacular voice.

Starting with some very close, intimate and fragile vocals, you can hear every single nuance in her well recorded vocals. Every breath sound, every creak and this is a perfect representation of how to perform vocals gently but with extreme emotion. The vocal creak in her voice (the initial sound in the voice before a lyric that starts with a vowel) reminded us very much of the great Joss Stone. In fact, when Daria is belting out full power later, we were reminded of Stone again, but also perhaps just a touch of Christina Aguilera.

At times there are some gentle and distant, heavily reverbed harmonies and the song develops really well. Staying for quite some time on just vocals and acoustic guitar, you suddenly notice a bass guitar has been added. The picked guitar turns to strummed guitar and some minimal percussion joins the recording. It feels positively euphoric in places and the rise and fall in this track is extremely well considered.

The chorus is catchy, with some clever lyrics; “you lost a good girl and I lost my mind” and this song has everything needed to make it a real folk scene hit. We’d suggest reaching out to BBC Introducing and local and internet stations with this track. For a debut, this really is quite something.

In terms of production, this is a really nice track. A small boost centred around 150Hz would add some extra warmth and another small boost centred around 4kHz would add to the brightness and presence as a whole but nothing is needed for this to already be a great track. These are just a couple of ideas that came to us as we listened.

Daria Mirea’s debut single, Don’t Know Love Yet, is out today on all platforms and we strongly urge you to add this to your spotify playlists. Daria is most definitely one to watch.