david nolf/Bradley denniston – feels like summer (Radium Records)

Released today under Radium Records, we’re listening to David Nolf and Bradley Denniston on their new single Feels Like Summer.

The song starts with a great sweeping filter on the drums that give the full song more impact when it powers in. Feeling like it’s been ripped straight from the 1980s, this upbeat and positive track is extremely catchy, poppy and punchy.

The 80s feel of the instrumentation and general style lends itself to perhaps OMD or Joy Division. We were particularly reminded of Alphabeat’s track, “Fascination” with its similar poppy drum beat and bouncy positive feel.

The drums are cavernous in places and with some wonderful rise and fall in the whole track, this 2 and a half minute blast of enthusiasm is sure to be a hit.

We particularly like the modern crossover of this track. With a very retro feel to the backing, the lead vocals are well compressed, clear and with some very modern stylings and production without any over-use of tuning to keep the whole song feeling very real and genuine. The use of layered vocals and occasional harmonies helps fill out the sound very convincingly too.

We love the use of the almost-stinger-like ending. This, and its length, makes it a great track for air play. We expect this to do well, especially on West Coast stations and college radio across the US.

We absolutely must comment on the production of this track. Usually we have some advice or recommendations, but in this case, we are suitably impressed! The production is superb, it is well mixed and mastered with nothing clashing, no peaking frequencies, and with every instrument having its own space. The stereo effects come in and out nicely. This really is a fantastic track from start to finish.

A well written, well performed and well produced track that maintains interest easily with some great dynamics. Feels Like Summer has all the makings of a hit song and we’re excited to hear what happens next!