We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have a new favourite! London based artist, David Taro, releases his latest single, Judy, and we’re loving it!

Judy is a wonderful example of a great songwriter having the ability to write about absolutely anything! Judy tells the story of a day in the life of a woman whose life is simple, mundane and aimless. Judy doesn’t have dreams because if you don’t have dreams they can’t get broken. She sounds like someone who muddles through life and nothing really happens. The storytelling in this track is outstanding.

“Judy comes home, has dinner alone, in the bedroom, washes her plate, stays up ’til late with the TV”
Judy has a truly Beatles-esque feel to it – particularly Lennon’s style of writing. Based around a riff in open G tuning, the song plods along with a steady beat and repeated riff which serve almost as a metaphor for Judy’s life.

The bridge in Judy is absolutely spectacular. It has a great build, a change up of the drum beat and the key before returning to the steady beat again. The octave notes in the bassline add to the simplicity of the track, and the layered vocals help bolster the lead vocals superbly.

Speaking of the lead vocals – what a fantastic head voice David Taro has! Moments of Jake Shears and occasional Ben Folds nuances, his characterful voice throughout this song is what makes it for us.

A well mixed and simple production with no unnecessary extras. It works beautifully in line with the subject of the song. There is some subtle development after the first verse and a striking change of pace and when the bridge comes in. A more punchy drum beat coupled with a new chord progression breaks up the song perfectly. If we had to give any tips it would be simply to use a gentle compressor to add a couple more dBs to the overall master just to bring the volume in line with other similar commercial releases.

A beautiful and pretty sounding song with a stinger ending and a great, radio friendly length, Judy has all the elements needed for a huge hit that already sounds absolutely timeless. One of our favourites in a long time.