David taro – the answer

Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening to David Taro’s latest single, The Answer, released today ( 23 December 2022)

We previously reviewed London-based, Taro’s single, Judy, and were thoroughly impressed with his storytelling abilities and a superb head voice, so we were excited to hear what we would hear with The Answer, his third and final single of 2022.

The Answer fades in gently with sounds of the seaside and a strummed guitar, setting the scene for an Oasis-tinged (Champagne Supernova) style track. A single note on strings adds some extra character before building to the drums and bass joining the song.

A lap steel adds a lovely touch and weaves its way between the vocal lines. The Answer has an interesting combination of instrumentation, bringing in some synth sounds later in the song.

Taro’s voice, again, impressed us with some superb falsetto, but here he demonstrates another skill in his vocal toolbox: a gritty and powerful rock tone which he brings in just occasionally to emphasise a word or two. This is one versatile vocalist.

We like the change in vocal effects in the middle 8 and the breakdown gives the listener a moment to reflect before a superbly executed stereo drum fill brings the band back in.

Lyrically, The Answer asks the question; do we sometimes search for meaning, only to find it’s been there all along?

Ideas from our ears

A careful surgical EQ cut at 196Hz will control a resonant tone coming from the acoustic guitar. To our ears, a small cut around 800Hz would reduce the occasional ‘honky’ tone in the vocal track too. We feel a touch more development in the second verse would help lift this song a little more: perhaps some extra percussion, harmony vocal or an additional instrument. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

The Answer is a warm and sweet gentle singer-songwriter track to put a smile on your face. For fans of Oasis, Britpop and indie pop.