Dialogic – Safe On Your Way

UK artist, Dialogic, has just released his debut single, Safe On Your Way, and we’re here to tell you that, as debut’s go… this is one not to miss. We’ve taken several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio and if you’re a fan of the likes of Duran Duran and similar 80s pop stylings, you’re going to love this.

Dialogic is a studio project with Tom Sykes and producer Paul Worthington, as well as a 5-piece band live performance project. Safe On Your Way is a song about leaving home. It’s a call to action for bravery and confidence in a new situation. It’s a real struggle between the familiarity of home and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

Safe On Your Way has a wonderful 80s feel to it. When it first starts, the instrumentation reminded us of Sisters of Mercy, but the moment the vocals join the mix, we could see a huge influence from Duran Duran. Perhaps Simple Minds as well. There was even just a touch of Klaus Meine (Scorpions) twang in the vocals.

Speaking of the vocals, Tom Sykes really has several tricks in his vocalist toolbox. Going from thin and airy twang vocals to more powerful belted moments, he didn’t fail to raise an eyebrow or two when he hit some spectacular falsetto moments as well.

As well as the true 80s feeling guitars, there was some lovely use of synths and organs to fill out the sound as well as some of that perfect 80s style 16 beat work on the tambourine. This feels both truly authentic 80s as well as having some really unique and charming qualities all of its own.

From a production perspective, we felt there is a bit of unnecessary rumble in the sub bass area so a hi-pass filter set at around 35Hz would give the kick drum a little more clarity. A cut around 800Hz would reduce some ‘honky’ frequencies, particularly in the lead vocal track. In our opinion, the mix was missing a fair bit of brightness and top end which tends to be very prominent in this 80s style. A fairly large high shelf boost set around 8kHz would add some air and ‘zing’ to the mix. A light compressor with around 5dB of make up gain would add some extra warmth and punch to the track as well as bringing the volume more in line with similar commercial releases.

We loved Dialogic’s debut single. It transported us effortlessly to a time when music was about the things that matter in life. Safe On Your Way is a stunning debut song and we simply can’t wait to hear what this great writing and production team have up their sleeves next!