Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening to Dirty Mitts latest single, My Show, released on 28 October 2022.

If you’re looking for a bluesy/classic/Southern rock track, My Show is definitely for you. Starting on a Southern Rock-style guitar riff, the bass and drums quickly join the mix and increase the energy. At this point, we’re thinking Lynyrd Skynyrd or AC/DC – there is a real riff-based feel to the track.

Dirty Mitts, comprising Tommy (singer), Matt (bass player), Mo (both guitarists) and Mateusz (drums) hail variously from the UK, Poland, and Egypt and were brought together in 2018 by a love of loud, old school Rock’n’Roll.

We love the stereo guitars in this track – one slightly louder than the other which very much reminded us of AC/DC. The repeated riff on the guitars ties the different sections of the song together nicely and gives the listener something to keep returning to, helping them feel familiar within the song.

There are times in the verses when the vocals reminded us of Ian Gillan. There is just a touch of gravel in the voice which works perfectly for this style of song, and the belted lines later reminded us of Bono. In the breakdown section after the solo, the reverbs used on the vocals felt just a touch Jim Morrison-like.

The guitar solo sits beautifully in the track and draws influence from rock and blues, with some great tones and excellent note choices. The breakdown after the guitar solo is possibly our favourite section. With four-on-the-floor drums and gentle palm muted guitar this section builds and builds with some superb vocals before leading back into the chorus and a stinger ending

Perhaps a little too long for commercial airplay, this is definitely a track that we’d recommend the band pitch to Classic Rock Magazine, BBC Introducing and local BBC as well as local radio and classic rock-leaning internet radio stations.

From a production perspective, a boost around 75Hz would enhance the thump if the kick drum and a careful surgical cut at 192Hz would reduce a peak coming from the top snare mic. A wide boost right across the mids centred around 1kHz would give the track a much fuller sound. A cut around 4kHz would reduce some slightly harsh tones coming from the lead guitar and drum track, and finally, a high shelf boost at around 7kHz would bring out the drum track’s brightness and increase the overall clarity in the track. A light compressor/limiter and maybe 4-5dB of make up gain would add some extra warmth and increase the overall volume. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

My Show is an authentic 70s feeling classic rock track that will no doubt delight fans of Deep Purple, AC/DC, and anyone who loves a solid rock groove.