Divine Decadence – Purple Dress

French act, Divine Decadence, are releasing their debut single, Purple Dress, today, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been having a listen.

Purple Dress is the tale of a chameleon woman in search of her revelation. At almost 5 minutes, Purple Dress is a fairly long song by today’s standards and one which feel is one of the most perfect for sync tracks we’ve come across to date.

Purple Dress starts with a creepy and dissonant intro. This is a slow burn track with almost a minute of a repeated line on lead guitar with other instruments coming and going around the main motif.

Female vocals come in and are occasionally doubled. There are moments of just slightly uncomfortable dissonant notes throughout the song, particularly in the dual vocal lines.

Purple Dress sits well as ambient music. It’s not until around 2 and a half minutes in to the song before the drums and full band sound comes in, and at this point, the drums are very up front in the mix as the vocals fade a little into the distance. This truly adds to the listener’s discomfort and it’s done extremely well.

Divine Decadence clearly know their target market very well. This is just the kind of track you would hear playing during a dark movie scene. Perhaps a thriller or something freak show like. It just keeps building and you can almost imagine a scene with a stalker who is chasing their victim and the movie scene builds with the music.

With a stinger ending as well, this almost 5 minute track screams out to be used in a horror movie. For a debut single it is abundantly clear that Divine Decadence have a strong future in producing music to delight and disarm their audiences.

From a production perspective, we’d suggest a boost around 150-200Hz for some extra thickness in that area, a cut around 600 for balance and a boost of the top 2 octaves for some extra brightness.

Divine Decadence have steered clear of the nonsensical emotionless pop that is in the charts to produce something that feels true to themselves and is a clear statement of their intention to place themselves as a groundbreaking act. We are excited to see their progress.