Doc Fischbach – Finally Free

Doc Fischbach, of Denver, Colorado (US) has released his latest single, Finally Free, and it’s a positively empowering anthem that we have fallen in love with!

Finally Free is written about the leaving an abusive and toxic relationship. Its about breaking the chains of toxicity and learning to love oneself again. This kind of strength is inspiring and he’s absolutely right in the middle 8 line; “surviving you took everything I had”. Anyone able to break free from a toxic situation is an inspiring survivor. Anyone who can write a song about it to help others in the same situation is a one of a kind human.

Finally Free starts gently on piano with some synth/pad sounds thrown in for good measure. When Doc’s vocals come in, we were just bowled over by the quality. The vocals are beautifully controlled, with moments of gravel just when needed to emphasise the point of the lyric. The technique used in the vocals makes them feel very bright and present. It sounds as though the resonance is in the front of the face. Vocal coaches often call this “wearing a mask”. It makes the vocalist feel as though the sound is really buzzing around and resonating around the nasal cavity. To be able to do this without sounding too “Country” is a real skill and Doc Fischbach has nailed it.

Electric drums and harmonies are added about 1 minute in and ensure that the song maintains interest. For a song that is around 4.5 minutes long, it just flew by. The development throughout the song maintained our interest easily. Perhaps not commercial radio friendly because of the length (which is frankly, their loss), Finally Free is a song that needs to be heard by a wide audience.

The harmonies in the chorus of Finally Free are just gorgeous. Multi-layered harmonies wash over you and the song feels like a call to action for anyone suffering an abusive situation. The line; “I broke these chains and I’m finally free” lets you know its possible to free yourself.

We loved the subtle touches throughout the song. Its clear that a great deal of thought has been given, not just to the lyrics and the structure of the song, but to the composition as well. We especially like the U2 style clean guitar – most noticeable in the outtro.

Finally Free has been both mixed and mastered extremely well. Any adjustment suggestions below would be tiny recommendations.
A dip around 45Hz may be worth trying. The kick is a little dominant at this point and most home hi-fi won’t handle frequencies this low too well. A tiny boost perhaps at around 160Hz for some extra warmth in the overall track. A wide but tiny cut around 1500Hz to counter a very slightly honky and harsh frequency and a boost in the top 2 octaves – with a notch out around 7-8kHz to counteract any extra sibilance in the vocal track caused by the boost.

Finally Free is our find of the day. Doc Fischbach has produced an empowering call to action with inspirational lyrics delivered by a highly skilled vocalist with wonderful character. We can’t wait to hear more from this talented US artist.