Dom Malin & Luna Kellar – Overgrown

We’ve been taking a listen to Birmingham (UK) artist, Dom Malin’s latest single, Overgrown, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

We previously reviewed Dom’s track, “South America” – a warm and gentle stripped-down folk song that spoke to the listener about connections and lost opportunities.

Dom Malin has teamed up with another Send Me Your Ears favourite, Luna Kellar, to work on this track.
Overgrown is a metaphor for losing someone close to you. The inspiration came from Malin’s own childhood experiences of spending weekends with his grandparents.

Overgrown grabs your attention immediately with Dom and Luna’s warm and welcoming vocals singing together but an octave apart. There is some beautiful arpeggiated acoustic guitar work here too.

We love the addition of some very subtle electric guitar fills between the vocal lines and the song develops majestically as the drums and strings join the mix.

Overgrown continues to rise to euphoric levels as additional vocals are added, and a choir-like collection of harmonies fill your ears. This is truly positive and uplifting music.

The swelling violin notes that tiptoe amongst the vocal melodies add a wonderful Celtic touch and we noticed some ever-so-subtle piano notes in the track as well. We especially liked the use of both strummed and picked acoustic guitars to help the rise and fall of the track.

Overgrown has lots of delicate and understated instrumentation, all contributing to a peaceful and relaxing track that washes over you.

In terms of production, this is a high-quality track. We detected a slight resonance in places at 184Hz, creating the occasional muddy tone so a careful EQ cut here would help keep the low mids nice and clear. The dynamics worked perfectly and the song maintained our interest throughout.

The combination of Dom Malin and Luna is a magical one. Their vocals sit together so perfectly, and their voices truly complement each other. A nostalgic and relaxing tribute to the loss of those close to us.