Manchester-based, Nigerian-born, Dr Fabola, has just released his latest single, All Behind, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking a few listens today.

All Behind is a gentle acoustic singer-songwriter track which fades in slowly with some lovely finger-picked acoustic guitar, bass and congas. The inviting, hip-swaying feel of the track has an almost bossa nova rhythm to it, and you can feel yourself get lost in the warmth and peacefulness.

Dr Fabola’s voice is welcoming and smooth. Reminding us just a little of Jack Johnson, there is an effortless charm to the delivery of the voice. You can almost imagine him standing up to the mic with his eyes closed, grinning as he sings.

We love the layered vocals and harmonies that join the mix in the choruses. Perfectly placed, they add a timeless class to the track, reminiscent of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Dr Fabola also cites Nina Simone and Tracey Chapman as influences and we can definitely see that in his music.

The guitar finger-picking is a top-notch performance and really carries the track. You can just feel the worries of the day melting away.

We like the use of Hammond which joins the track about halfway through the song. This adds an extra dimension and is used sparingly but effectively.

The song fades out on an instrumental section. We feel that this track is absolutely perfect for pitching to a music supervisor for placement in a movie or TV show. Its simplicity and grace make it a track that would sit perfectly in the background of a scene and would, without doubt, garner Dr Fabola lots of new fans.

To our ears, the track would benefit from a bit of balancing between the lows and highs. The bass is a little boomy around 65-70Hz and again around 125Hz so a couple of cuts on these places would help balance out the low end. A wide and fairly large boost across the high mids and highs centred around 5-6kHz with an additional boost centred around 3.5-4kHz would add a great deal of brightness and presence to the track overall. It will bring the vocals forward as well as highlight some of the more defined elements of the beautiful percussion track.

Dr Fabola’s, All Behind, is a nostalgic and warm track which has elements of folk, world and jazz, all wrapped up in one calming and peaceful four-minute bundle.