Today in our ears at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening to a debut single that has had us all a flutter with excitement. Dragnfly Industri, the moniker for Australian mother of three, Jo Maloney, has just released an astounding single; Ghost.

Ghost is a song from a 47 year old woman who has always dreamed of a career in music, Ghost is about daring to fulfil our dreams before they haunt us forever as “maybes”.

The song fades in on some lovely layered vocals, sounding a little like something from an Enya songbook. As it progresses, you’re treated to some lovely piano work and guitars drenched in reverbs. The song develops well and by the time the drums come in, you find yourself truly invested.

Ghost has a wonderful musical theatre/ almost Jim Steinman feel to it. There’s some great use of bright reverbs on Maloney’s sumptuous lead vocals and the lyrics come through crystal clear. Some gorgeous stereo harmonies are added and Maloney’s head voice is astonishingly good. Her high notes are flawless and sound positively effortless. There’s a touch of Tori Amos in her vocal style.

The instrumentation changes often and serves to maintain interest by constantly keeping you on your toes. A lovely and simple electric guitar arrives at one moment and then at around 2m30 there’s an absolutely exhilarating change of pace.

We like the use of the distant bell in the intro which becomes a much more present sounding bell in the outtro. Everything about this song has been well considered. This truly is superb.

From a production perspective, a low shelf boost from around 200Hz would add some extra warmth and depth to the track with a notch out around 100Hz as the bass is a little dominant here. A boost around 3-4kHz for some added definition and edge. A high shelf boost in the top octave would give some extra ‘zing’ This is a beautiful track and we’re so pleased this artist is finally doing what she has clearly always been meant to do.

Ghost is easily one of the best debut singles we’ve heard this year. A formidable debut single and we simply can’t wait to hear what this talented Australian songwriter will come up with next. We urge you to check out this brand new artist on Spotify.