Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening today to the latest single from Wichita (US) based Dusty Grant (and his band) with their latest single, I Think I’m Okay.

First and foremost, we have to say – this is a band that’s getting everything right! We took one look at their publicity photo and knew what the music was going to sound like, but more than that – this is an absolutely stunning example of the genre.

I Think I’m Okay is a musical poke in the eye for the gatekeepers, “keyboard warriors” who reject talented musicians on a daily basis because they don’t fit the mould. Dusty Grant is all the more determined to prove the naysayers wrong. In Dusty’s words “It’s something I HAVE to do. It borders on obsession and I’ve put every last drop of everything I have into it.” Too many talented musicians quit because they don’t fit expectations and this song is wholly justified angry and powerful track.

I Think I’m Okay starts with a quick filtered section that leaves the listener with a slightly ominous feeling. When the full band sound powers in, we all sat back and in unison and said “wow!”

I Think I’m Okay is a heavy, slightly grungey rock song that screams quality right from the start. All of us were nodding. This is just our kind of music.

We love the layered vocals with great use of effects, reminding us in places of Mike Patton (Faith No More).

The drumming in this track is fantastically stereo and bright. They’re bright without being dominant. The stops give the listener a quick breather from the heaviness (not that we needed one, but they were a nice touch). The stereo guitars are aggressive but incredibly smooth.

We loved the little breakdown section in the middle that seemed to gain momentum and energy and built back into an explosive burst of power. This is a very well structured and powerful song and a very fine example of this style of music.

With a determination and anger, this is a classic theme for grunge metal – reminding us a little of Pantera’s “Mouth For War.”

Dusty Grant is well and truly on the right track. It is incredibly rare for us to review a song and not give any production advice, but for this track, we have no recommendations for improvement. Everything is absolutely spot on and we have no doubt that Dusty will be proving the naysayers wrong for many years to come.