ear candy – take my dreams away

Ear candy’s latest single, take my dreams away, has been in our ears today, and if you’re looking for a superb example of indie pop then you’ve come to the right place.

Take My Dreams Away grabs your attention immediately with bright and strong vocals coming in almost straight away – something us reviewers always love to hear!

Take My Dreams Away is lyrically interesting and an important subject matter. The line “I know i’m much better sober, but i’m under the influence of you instead” paints a fantastic picture and sets you in mind of where the song is going. Ear Candy has managed to produce a really positive sounding indie pop song about that awful person who is always there trying to suck your dreams out of you and bring you down. Haven’t we all met more than our fair share of this person?!

Ear Candy is the brain child of Jamie Jordan whose voice has absolutely blown us away today. His falsetto is spectacular and his characterful voice maintains your interest easily throughout this extremely commercial radio friendly song.

There’s double vocals in places, and a few harmony sections. We particularly liked the use of octave vocals on the line “Take My Dreams Away” – this really served to back up the lead vocal and make it sound even stronger.

Take My Dreams Away is just a superb, poppy, slightly 80s feeling song with great instrumentation. The 16 beat feel of the tambourine in the chorus is subtle but enough to let you know where you are in the song. It helps make the chorus even more catchy.

There’s lots happening throughout Take My Dreams Away; with different sections, rise and fall, great use of silences for impact and a cutesy ending that leaves you smiling and wanting to hear lots more from this talented UK artist.

Take My Breath Away has such a positive, empowering feel to it. Everything about it is just spot on. This track is our find of the day.

From a production perspective, this is great stuff. Really well mixed and mastered. Perhaps a little scoop around 500Hz and a little boost around 4kHz would balance the track out a little more, but that’s our own personal taste – the song is great as is.

There’s something really special about this track from Ear Candy. Ear Candy was a new name to us until today and we have no doubt that we’ll be following his career closely. Take My Dreams Away is a solid, commercial indie pop track that oozes potential for significant commercial air play. We sincerely hope that Jamie has great success with this track, and for the future. We’d suggest BBC Introducing and BBC local (Solent perhaps?) for a start, but with the right campaign, this track really does have heaps of potential.