Earth to Eve – Everyone Says

Earth to Eve is the stage name of LA based singer-songwriter, Eve Weisberger. We’ve been having many many enjoyable listens to her new single, Everyone Says, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio. Everyone Says is due out today and all platforms and for lovers of intelligent lyrics and contemporary pop, we urge our readers to go check this track out.

Everyone Says has some of the most astute and thought provoking lyrics that we’ve heard in a while. A song about mental health and unsolicited advice, Everyone Says is a light hearted but hard hitting track that is extremely relatable.

Everyone Says starts with gentle piano and some really warm sounding legato notes on strings. As the vocals come in, the strings become staccato, and about half way through the first verse, a simple drum track is added and throughout this first verse there is constant development. This is a truly well crafted song. There’s so much rise and fall here that the song easily retained our interest and honestly, we were sad it was over so quickly! (It’s only 2 and a half minutes long).

The “creak” and fragility in Eve’s voice reminded us in places of Adele. There’s a vulnerability here that is very endearing. Almost a Portishead groove to the whole track. There’s some cool delay effects on the vocals too which fill out the sound nicely.

For us, the most exciting thing about this song is the lyrics and how totally relatable they are. We especially liked the depth of the line “nightmares disguised as dreams”. We also like the tongue in cheek approach that Eve has to the insane “advice” that people seem to think is their job to give when someone is struggling with their mental health.
The line;

“Have you tried pumpkin seeds i heard they’re good for anxiety, you drink too much caffeine, no wonder you’re crazy” spoke to us in so many ways. Everyone who hasn’t suffered with their mental health has their own opinion on how easy it is to fix and Eve addresses the whole “why don’t you just cheer up” mentality perfectly.

We found ourselves nodding throughout this song for two reasons; both the lyrics and the groove of the song truly hit the spot for us, and we actually lost count how many times we listened before we settled in to write this review.

The production on this track is superb. Kudos to Eve who seems to be a completely DIY artist. There’s a slight peak at 40Hz that we might suggest dipping (and high passing anything below that too). To our ears, a possible improvement would be a little boost across the top 3 octaves for just a touch more air and brightness, but this is personal taste.

Everyone Says by Earth to Eve ticked every single box for us here at Send Me Your Ears. Lyrically brilliant, musically exciting, with superb production, this is an extremely commercially viable track that we hope will get extensive attention.