ECHO COAST – Drinkin’ In Berlin

Echo Coast is the name given to the songwriting project of South East England’s James Hobbs. His latest single, Drinkin’ In Berlin, is due for release on the 25th February 2022.

A short and sweet punk song about drinking. This song needs no further explanation!
This is heavily influenced 70s 80s British punk. I can imagine this track sitting comfortably alongside the likes of Billy Bragg, the Undertones or The Clash.
The song starts with some lo-fi drums that make you think for a brief second that this is going to have a more electronic, Kraftwerk-type 80s feel, but as soon as soon as that thin electric guitar sound comes in, you realise this is most definitely going to be a punk song!
This is proper British stuff! Even down to the reference to Heathrow, and of course binge drinking, there’s no two ways about it, this song sits comfortably on the South Coast of late 70s England.

Standing at only 2 minutes and 13 seconds there’s not much time for any instrumental sections, but somehow Drinkin’ In Berlin manages to squeeze two guitar solos in. Blink and you’ll miss them! Simple, with well chosen and a genre-appropriate sound, James Hobbs is clearly a fan of this style of music and has picked his sounds carefully to be authentic.

I like the background vocals that come in with some “oohs” and “aahs”. They serve to back up the main vocal line nicely without dominating.

From my own personal perspective, I felt that the production let this song down a little. The overall mix is a little muffled and could use some clarity in the top end of the frequency spectrum. The guitar in places feels as though its competing with the vocal for the same part of the spectrum and that takes the focus away from the voice. That said, this is punk music so perhaps this is totally intentional!

If you’re looking for a short burst of late 70s/ early 80s punk, then Echo Beach will be sure to fill that need. Go check out Echo Coast, due to release an EP later this year. Drinkin’ In Berlin will be one of the tracks included.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5