Echo Coast, the musical project of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, James Hobbs, is back in our ears today with his latest single, Last Chord and wow… we absolutely love this track!

We really were thrilled to listen to Last Chord. Everything about this track was right up our street. The late 80’s, almost OMD, feel to the instrumentation right through to the quality Colin Hay (Men At Work) feel to the vocals. Last Chord ticks every single box for us.

Coming in at twice the length of his previous track, Drinkin’ In Berlin, Last Chord is a melancholic tale of the end of a relationship with both parties sobering up and realising it’s the end. The clever and thought provoking lyrics, together with a really sparkling performance on vocals make this one to hit repeat on many times.

Speaking of vocals… they’re multi-layered with lots of harmonies and great stereo. Some of the vocals are so distant that you feel almost as though there’s a choir helping back up the lead vocals and filling out the sound beautifully.

The bassline is catchy and characterful. You could quite easily tune out and just listen to the bass playing at any given moment. This isn’t simple background bass to make everything else sound good, this is some real quality playing.

Kudos also to the drumming on this track. It’s really interesting with some great patterns – especially in the build after the break down.

The rise and fall in this track easily helped maintain our interest for the duration of the song and, whilst the song may be slightly too long for those picky “four minute rule” commercial stations, it works for us, and is very likely to work for BBC Introducing, BBC Sussex and many of the local stations around the Sussex area at the very least.

To us, this feels like a big step up from his previous track. Not that we didn’t also love Drinkin’ in Berlin, but Last Chord highlights Echo Coast’s sublime vocal techniques and songwriting skills rather more than a two minute drinking song could possibly do!

The production on this track is superb. To our ears, perhaps a boost around 60Hz to give the kick drum more of a “thump in the chest” feel, together with a little boost of the top 2 octaves and an additional boost of the top octave to give some more clarity and presence and really bring out the zing in those cymbals.

In Last Chord, Echo Coast has created a late 80s feeling indie rock track that we believe will stand the test of time. This is truly superb music.