ELECTRIC HIGH – Colorful White Lies

Electric High have just released their latest single, Colorful White Lies and its a banging indie rock tune that just screams pure quality.

The song starts on some rather awesome fuzz bass and hand claps and feels like a really current rock song. When the vocals come in they’re crystal clear in the mix and timed perfectly together (lead and backing).

At about 40 seconds in, the track really put us on our toes and became much more of a classic rock with one hell of a confident strut to it. A full rock band sound that made all of us sit here nodding our heads and smiling!

This song really just oozes class. I’m in love! Colorful white lies keeps the listener on their toes all the way through with some absolutely blinding use of rise and fall. There’s moments when you’re listening to a full on rock song, then the stripped back moments give you a quick rest and then back in again. I particularly liked the breakdown with the drums, handclaps and vocals. This kind of drop down really makes the full sound so much more effective when it comes back punching in.

There’s some noteworthy moments of genius in this track. The little ringing “ting ting ting” bell that comes in just for the hell of it. And why not!?

These guys must be Arctic Monkeys fans. I felt a little Scissor sisters influence in there too. At times, there was a real retro Led Zeppelin feel to the track too.

It’s not often I’m 100% impressed as a producer but in the case of this awesome new track by Electric High, I give full kudos. The whole song has a lovely balance of frequencies across the spectrum and the use of panning and stereo makes this song an extremely pleasant listen.

We give this track our highest accolade of 5 ears out of 5. More please!!