Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Electric High. Seven Wonders was released on March 10th, 2023, and is a song about taking it more than a few steps too far and biting far more than you can chew. “One day, I’ll build you the seven wonders.”

Electric High are a Norwegian band and consist of PV Staff — lead vocals, Olav Iversen — lead vocals, Marius Mørch — guitars, Einride Torvik — bass, and Tor Helge Opdahl — drums. We previously reviewed their single, Colourful White Lies, early in 2022 and were thoroughly impressed with it—an instant indie rock classic which reminded us of Arctic Monkeys or Scissor Sisters. The production on Colourful White Lies was superb, so we were very excited to see Electric High at the top of our reviews pile again today.

All we can say on this track is, “wow!” Electric High have pulled it out of the park on this track. We love absolutely everything about this, and our readers will know that we’re not that easy to please! The song starts with an instantly gripping dual guitar rock riff, reminiscent of Alice Cooper, before dual vocals take the lead, with some gorgeous Rainbow-like guitar fills. Both lead vocals are characterful and fit together perfectly. When one takes the lead on his own for a brief time, we drew comparisons to Ozzy Osbourne.

All the musicians on this track are of an exceptional standard. There are some classy drum fills, and the guitar work is incredibly creative – with well-considered solos and some expertly intricate fast playing.

A perfectly placed stop creates a great tension and release moment, and a Brian May-toned guitar solo builds and builds to a chaotic fake ending. Out of the ashes of what you think is the conclusion comes even more creativity! A change of rhythm to a straight (rather than swung rhythm) and a slowly building tension with tremolo (Mandolin?) in the background gives the song an urgent, Klezmer-like feel briefly, before launching back into the (now) familiar guitar riff and chorus.

This track truly does have it all. Rarely are we so excited about a track that we finish the day heading down a Spotify rabbit hole to see what else we can find of theirs.

Electric High are fast becoming one of Send Me Your Ears’ favourite rock artists at the moment. High-quality, creative Classic Rock with sublime musicianship. What more could you ask for?!