ELEKTRIC ANIMALS have just released a new track, Come Clean, and we are in love! This is a song which grabs your attention right from the start. This is an indie, garage rock top track that oozes class and confidence.
Elektric Animals are signed to highly respected indie label, Third String Records. Unsurprising. This is extremely commercial, highly listenable stuff.
The fuzz bass works well and cuts through nicely in the mix, and just adds that little touch of angst that works well in this style of music.
The lead vocalist reminds me of Robert Howard from the Blow Monkeys in places, but also very firmly defining a style of his own.

A very effective use of 16 beat on the tambourine adds that extra interest in the choruses and a couple of other places. I also like how the keys come in in the second verse to maintain interest.
What really does it for me is the outrageously catchy chorus. This is one I’ll be singing in my head for days.

The double chorus at the end of the song has extra vocals and lots happening to help maintain interest right up until the stinger ending.
It’s rare to impress me this much as a producer. This is an exceptionally well mixed and mastered track that held my attention from start to finish.
At just shy of 3 minutes this is a perfect track for an alt rock radio show and I believe it will do well.

I hope to see Elektric Animals social media numbers rise and come into line a little more with the quality of creative musicianship I’m hearing here.

We give this track four ears out of five.