Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Denver, Colorado band, Elektric Animals. Constant Static Noise is released today, March 3 2023.

We’ve reviewed Elektric Animals a couple of times in 2022, so we were happy to see their name at the top of our reviews pile today. Their track, Head To The Ground, is a super-catchy indie pop, 80s-leaning track and the song, Come Clean was an incredibly catchy earworm that we all hummed for days after listening!

Constant Static Noise bursts into your ears immediately with a filtered full-band sound that makes the main song even more impactful when the filter is removed. The layered vocals sit nicely in this section, and throughout the choruses, creating a crowd-like choir sound. The lead vocals are characterful, passionate and interesting to listen to. There’s an interesting robot-like lower octave voice in one section of the song which set us in mind of Daft Punk, but with a more 80s-leaning style with the addition of some cool synth sounds.

A brief solo section gives the instrumentalists in the band chance to shine, and this is a real highlight moment in the track.

After the instrumental section, you’ll hear another verse and the timing of the vocal melody in this is exciting to listen to. It’s almost as though the lyricist had a lot to say at this point, and they had to find a way to make it fit! We loved it! With the precision of fast rapped lyrics, the vocalist makes this sound easy.

You’re back to that super catchy chorus again after this, and if you’re not singing along by now, we’re not sure we can help you!! There’s an A Capella section which, without doubt, is a real winner in a live situation and a stinger ending that will leave the crowd yelling for more.

Ideas from our ears

The track is nice and bright with a lot of top end. To our ears, the sibilant parts of the vocal tracks may be a little too bright so a single-band compressor aiming for up to 5-6dB of gain reduction on the top 2 octaves with no make-up gain would bring those slight peaks under control. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Constant Static Noise is an 80s-influenced indie rock/ pop synth-laden track, and yet another winner from Denvers, Elektric Animals. An instant crowd-pleaser!