Co-written and co-performed by Eli Lev (Boonsboro, Maryland) and Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery (Worcester, Massachusetts), we’ve been listening to the high quality sounds of “I’m Ready”, released on August 12 2022.

Send Me Your Ears are suckers for a track with as high quality writing and production as this, and honestly, this track has made our day.

Interestingly enough, we always make notes on a song before reading a biography. In our notes we said “this song feels like “Bruce Springsteen meets Mumford and Sons”. After a couple of listens we read the biography and were absolutely astounded to see that that is exactly what the biography describes this track as! We guess they nailed it then!

Vocally sounding very Bruce Springsteen, but with more than a dash of Bryan Adams, the vocals are clear and present. They sit front and centre in the mix whilst the instrumentation fits in around him, to give him plenty of room to shine. The addition of harmonies later in the song is just glorious. With the “la la la” section towards the end, this track is a perfect sing-along song that is worthy of a large audience.

The panned guitars are superb, and from the moment this song started, we could hear that this is a high quality, commercially viable track with huge hit potential.

We love the bright four-on-the-floor feel of the kick drums and the rise and fall of this track is some of the best we’ve heard in a while. Constantly developing and adding and removing instrumentation, we simply cannot speak highly enough of I’m Ready.

I’m Ready is a superb example of high quality production and song-writing. Every leading instrument is heard clearly and not one is dominating the other. The vocals are clear throughout and fit the track perfectly. To our ears there are a few places where a tiny EQ adjustment may or may not enhance the sound. A tiny cut around 75Hz to reduce a slight peak in the bass and a slight cut around 600Hz to reduce a peak in the lead vocal track. Finally a wider boost centred around 3.5kHz to add to the overall presence and definition in the track as a whole. To be clear, this track needs nothing to be considered a fine example of the genre and something to use a reference track for other similar artists. In other words, “does my track sound as good as this?”

I’m Ready is an infectiously positive track that ticked every single box for us here at the Send Me Your Ears studio. Mostly definitely in our top tracks of the month, if not the year.