Brooklyn (US) based singer-songwriter, Elijah Mann, has just released his latest single, Bungalow Song, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking few listens this morning.

Bungalow Song is written about a time in the artist’s life where the idea of escaping to a place in the woods away from it all was something that he felt that both he, and the people in his life really needed. We like how the song has the sound of a busy street and traffic and the hustle and bustle of life being heard in the background indicating where the artist is, compared to where he’d like to be.

The song has a quick count in and then comes in with some calming acoustic guitars and some great brush snare work.

The layered vocals are very tight, and the occasional addition of harmonies takes the track to a new level. This feels like a truly authentic track, and one which we could imagine people at campfire parties all over North America covering late into the night.

There’s some lovely and subtle banjo in the track and the incidental extra guitar lines all blend together beautifully.

The whole track has a Dave Rawlings Machine feel to it, reminding us of the instrumentation and stylings very much. Mann has a slight country hint to his vocals but it is understated and warm. His vocals wash over you and make you feel at home.

There’s a lovely change of key that leads into a breakdown section with a chorus that is almost A Capella. This builds back into a fuller sounding chorus and is extremely well executed. Our favourite bit!

From a production perspective, we felt that the track sounds a bit boomy in the low end so we would suggest a hi-pass filter at around 40Hz with an additional cut across the bottom two octaves. Also, the acoustic guitar is resonating on both the F# and G# around 185Hz and again around 207Hz so a couple of careful surgical EQ cuts here would help balance it out. A small cut around 6kHz would help to reduce a slightly harsh tone in the sibilance of the vocal track.

For fans of Dave Rawlings and Justin Townes Earle, Elijah Mann’s single, Bungalow Song is an absolute must. For the dreamers in us who crave a little piece of paradise away from it all.