Enoka – More Than Friends

Swedish pop artist, Enoka, brings her latest single, More Than Friends to our ears today.

This is a solid, confident pop song. More Than Friends cleverly combines mid 80s instrumentation with late 90s R&B style vocals. Think Five Star and mid 80s electronic drums meets TLC or Destiny’s Child.

The vocals on this track are crystal clear. There’s no guessing or straining to hear the lyrics here. They poke through nicely over the top of some authentic 80s style synths.
The layered vocals are smooth and a nice touch that help fill out the sound. On occasions there are many layered harmonies that boost the lead vocal superbly.

I must commend Enoka for her vocal control on the low notes. There are times when low female vocals are weak and ineffective, but Enoka has some power and character in the lower notes. Enough to make me think that perhaps she is classically trained. There’s a real maturity in the voice.

There’s some well thought out separation between verses and choruses. The use of silence into a build is particularly effective and makes the section after them more impactful.

More Than Friends is a solid pop/ R&B song with some really classy vocal moments. The stinger ending works well, especially finishing on just vocals.
This is a radio friendly length, well produced track which has a hopeful, positive feel about it. Its unusual for me to be 100% impressed with production, but in this case I’ve no suggestions for improvement.
There’s a real confidence in the voice that makes me think that Enoka is most definitely following her true musical path. I am looking forward to hearing more from this talented Swedish artist.