We here at Send Me Your Ears are always suckers for something a little out of the ordinary, so when we were asked to review ERUPTION ARTISTIQUE’s new track, Vicar The Licker, we jumped at the chance!

This track has a late 80s/ early 90s feel with moments of OMD, Blondie and Kim Wilde.

The vocals and guitar are affected with distortion that help add to the uniqueness of the track. I like how the male and female vocals take turns and sometimes join together. It keeps the listener on their toes.

Vicar The Licker really does blend a bizarre collection of instrumentation you can’t immediately put your finger on. Muted trumpet, fuzz guitar, interesting percussion…. the list just goes on. I particularly like the banjo-like/sitar- like instrument that comes in at 35s in just the right speaker.

The video that accompanies this track is a black and white sequence of members of the band miming, playing instruments and licking a rather oversized lollipop, subbed in with the occasional trippy multicolour 70s psychedelic feel. Whilst not especially gripping, its been well edited and definitely kept us entertained.

My suggestions for production are to put a highpass to take the first octave out. There’s too much information here that most speakers simply can’t handle. This will save a little headroom in the track and tidy up the overall sound. I also added quite a large top two octaves boost to bring out zing in snare and the superb 16 beat percussion that was a little lost.

This is a unique track for the non-conformist listener who likes to be challenged by their music and doesn’t want to hear the same old 3 chord guitar song! Great stuff!

We give this track 3 ears out of 5