Eva Gertz – Boyfriend Box

Boston based Berklee assistant professor, Eva Gertz, has just released her latest single, Boyfriend Box, and we’ve been taking several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

What a wonderful and imaginative subject matter! Boyfriend Box is the tale of that little box of trinkets and notes left over at the end of a relationship that you’re not quite ready to throw away yet. Gertz speaks of a collection of “little coffins” in her lyrics and it’s just so evocative that pretty much anyone can relate to.

There’s some wonderful imagery in the lyrics; “broken yet again back to square one
what to save and what to throw away” and “just a couple of trinkets, words in another’s handwriting” particularly stood out. Gertz manages to paint a perfect picture of learning to let go.

Born into a creative and musical family, and with a career at Berklee, it’s hardly surprising that Eva Gertz has created a superb track here. Boyfriend Box has a kind of indie pop feel to it, with some clear influences from her jazz and classical background.

Boyfriend Box starts with a smooth and gentle piano/pad combo. Obviously superbly played. When Eva’s vocals come in, you are treated to a lovely airy, gentle, slightly folky head voice with spectacular control and so much character.

Boyfriend Box develops well, with some lovely rise and fall throughout the track which easily maintained our interest. We particularly liked the stereo delay on the side stick.

Some beautiful harmonies join the track as more instrumentation is added and the song just begins to really swell and whisk you along with the emotions. Gorgeous pads and synth sounds fill out the spectrum and leave the listener feeling really quite elated. This feels almost like a victory song. As if, despite the several little “coffins” of broken relationships, the pain is being processed as the song progresses and the healing is happening right in front of us.

This is a beautifully produced song that filled our ears and our hearts. Perhaps the vocals felt a little lost as more instrumentation was added but by this point we were so swept along that it wasn’t really an issue. For our own taste, we’d suggest just a little dip in the piano track at around 500Hz in the thicker sections. There’s a slightly peaking frequency in the vocal track that we’d notch around 260Hz and again, to our own taste, we’d suggest boosting the kick at around 65Hz to give it just a little more “meat”

Boyfriend Box is a beautiful and memorable track and a brand new take on a much repeated subject matter. With glorious and expertly played piano and sublimely well executed vocals, we’re very excited to hear what Eva Gertz will do next. This is most definitely an artist to pay attention to.