Netherlands based folk artist, Evi Bosman, has just released a brave and intimate new single, Remind Me, and we’ve been taking a few listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Remind Me is a devastatingly intimate portrayal of Evi’s feelings after the loss of her brother to a tragic car accident. Throughout the song, Evi is trying to find ways to honour and remember her brother whilst time is marching on and her memories are fading.

Remind Me is a simple picked acoustic guitar led track. With some beautifully placed strings to accentuate the song in places. We particularly liked the interesting sections of instrumental moments where the violins take over just for a brief moment.

For a song in this style, the focus really has to be the voice and Evi Bosman most certainly does not disappoint in this area. With intimate and gentle vocals that feel almost effortless, Bosman lays her heart and soul bare.

Evi Bosman’s voice has some great qualities and some very strong and breathy head voice notes to the characterfully and unexpectedly strong low notes. This is a vocalist with many techniques and tricks up her sleeve.

For fans of Lene Marlin or Phoebe Bridgers, this is a quality performance and a truly “laid bare” song from Evi Bosman.

Remind Me feels like a song that would be perfectly placed for a sync deal for background music in an emotional drama. It is a warm and gentle song with no sudden changes or unexpected crashes of drums, etc. It truly would sit perfectly in a TV scene and we would urge the artist to look into possibilities.

From a production perspective, the acoustic guitar is resonating on the F# so an accurate notch out at 182Hz would make the sound less noticeable. A high shelf boost in the top octave would add some ‘zing’ and air to the track. A light compressor and some make up gain would add to the warmth of the track as well as bringing it more in line with other similar releases in terms of overall volume.

Remind Me is a beautiful and warm tribute to the artist’s brother and her efforts to keep his memory alive. This is from the heart songwriting at its very best.