EX ØMERTA – Thought This Was Love

EX ØMERTA are set to release their latest single, Thought This Was Love, on February 11 2022.

Thought This Was Love starts with a somewhat brave beginning a la Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Power of Equality – just the first ten seconds or so, which means that when the full song comes in it has more impact.

This is a witty, catchy, and in their own words “anti-valentine” song. We all giggled at the line “I’m keepin’ the dog!” and the team found ourselves singing along with the catchy, but not exactly radio friendly chorus!

The drive on the lead vocals is suitable for the genre and the song maintains interest throughout with different effects on the vocals, additional vocals and plenty of rise and fall. The almost Acapella section that leads back into the full song with a bang is genius.

This is a truly relatable song for anyone who can recall a bad relationship, and lets face it… we all can! For me, it was the lyrics that carried it, together with the Muse style beat and feel to the instrumentation.

I’d add a boost at the top end to bring out the brightness in the vocals and drums as well, but that’s just personal opinion.
This is a promising track from a clearly very passionate and driven Canadian band.

I hope to hear more from them in the future.

We give this track 3 ears out of 5