Northern England duo, Experiment 637, have just released their latest single, Too Soon To Call A Search, and we’ve been taking a few listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Too Soon To Call A Search is a song about feeling overwhelmed by your dependence on someone else. It’s about feeling trapped and hanging on to a hope that, whilst you feel you need them around, they are no longer good for you. It’s about the thoughts that whirl around in your head in these situations and the feelings of suffocation and being trapped.

Too Soon To Call A Search is a song we listened to a few times. It kind of grows on you. For the first minute of the track, the song is very quiet, with filtered EQ and feels muted with acoustic guitars that are just slightly dissonant sounding – perhaps deliberately slightly out of tune to make you feel ill at ease, and draw you into the lyrical content of the song.

The full band, and full EQ spectrum comes in at around 1 minute and from there on in, the song feels much more powerful. It is edgy and foreboding and has a real sense of darkness to it. The strings help the song to build, whilst the drum beat remains largely the same throughout.

Throughout the main section of the song, there is a spoken voice in the background. You can’t quite make out what he’s saying but it feels almost as though you are being privileged to the thoughts in the writers head as he wrestles and wrangles with his emotions.

Too Soon To Call A Search is a truly experimental song which we urge our reader to give several listens to. Like all good progressive style music, this is a song which will grow on you, and definitely one for the intelligent listener. It feels in places a little like something that Fish or Marillion might produce as an album track.

In terms of the production, there is a lot of sub-bass information that most conventional speakers are unlikely to handle so a hi-pass around 35Hz would filter out any unnecessary rumble. A boost around 80Hz would add some extra thickness to the overall low end. A small but wide cut centred around 600-700Hz would balance out some of the middle frequencies. A shelf boost across the top 3 octaves would give the whole track a little more brightness with an additional boost in the 3.5 to 4 kHz range to bring out the presence and definition in the synth parts.

For lovers of slightly edgy, intelligent music, that you could perhaps loosely put into a “bedroom pop” or “progressive indie” box, Experiment 637’s, “Too Soon To Call A Search” is an exciting second single from Bradford-based duo – Ronan Peaker and Mickey Dale.