Faster On Fire – The Basics

We’ve started the day on a high here at Send Me Your Ears. The new single from North Carolina duo, Faster Than Fire, is just superb.

Released at the end of February 2022, The Basics is a super catchy 2 minute 45 second blast of positive energy.
With nice bright and punchy drums, The Basics is sure to impress fans of Blink 182, Offspring, Sum 41, etc. This is late 90s / early 2000s slightly punky rock. I say slightly as I always expect production and musicianship to be of a lower level in punk rock and in the case of Faster On Fire, you are met with two sublimely talented musicians and some really classy production.

The whole song is extremely well produced. The track has a bright overall feel and the drums have a great combination of overhead and close mics to ensure both punchiness in the kick and snare as well as some real presence in the cymbals. The room reverb on the snare in particular is really effective.

We loved the silence into the guitar solo. It works really well – a great way of building tension and excitement in the song. The solo is well played and with some well chosen notes and lovely bright tones. It almost has a very slight country feel to the note choices.

The vocalist sounds like he’s having the time of his life. A really confident performance with a great variety of techniques and styles. From the slightly nasal twangy sounds you expect to hear in this style of music, to some beautiful falsetto notes, this vocalist has it all. He even has a significant amount of warmth in his low notes, as demonstrated at the end of the song.

The harmony vocals are subtle and well placed. They sit perfectly in the mix. There’s some excellent use of panning throughout the song, especially in the breakdown. This is really very well produced music.

The Basics is a really well written song that the duo perform superbly. Lyrically and musically interesting throughout, this is likely to do well on the US college radio circuit and certainly has the potential (with the right publicity) to hit up some commercial air play too

Faster On Fire are most definitely one to watch. With catchy choruses, great musicianship and a very clear lust for life, this North Carolina duo are set to impress audiences where ever they go. We’re excited to follow their progress.