It’s always good to see an artist that we’ve reviewed before hit the top of the pile and today was no exception. Feeble is back with a new single, For You, and we absolutely relished the opportunity to listen to this talented Swedish solo artist again.

For You is an absolutely gorgeous stereo track that has some great effects and panning to make this a track that is truly enjoyable whether through headphones or on full blast in your speakers.

For you is richly full of layered vocals and swirling synths and guitars to give a positively majestic feel to this glorious love song. For you is about being willing to do anything for the one you love, but also about setting aside your concerns of potential problems until they actually appear.

“Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it”

The rise and fall in this track is particularly well done and For You just washes over you in waves of positivity. The swirling synths and guitars add a real dreamy feel to the track and, like the previous track from Feeble, this feels a little Roger Waters inspired.

A very pleasant chord sequence with interesting instrumentation and effects throughout lead to a song that we hit repeat on many times. The breathy vocals are clear in the mix and inviting.

From a production perspective, we felt that the vocals are perhaps a little too close in places, we might suggest knocking off a couple of dB in the vocal track to balance it. Perhaps also a little dip in the vocal track around 200-250Hz to balance a little dominance.
The kick is beautiful and distant with gorgeous reverbs on it, but there is very little in the low end once it fades out each time. Perhaps consider compressing the bass instrument and bringing it up in the mix a little. A boost around 80Hz in the master will help.
We’d also suggest a shelf boost, perhaps, of the top 2 octaves to bring out a little more brightness and especially highlight the snare wires sound.

Feeble’s latest offering, For You, is a stunning dream pop, slightly retro feeling track that wouldn’t be out of place on a playlist of Roger Waters and Pink Floyd tracks. We absolutely love this track and can’t wait to hear much more from this extremely talented multi-instrumentalist.