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Swedish Indie Pop band, Feeble, have released their latest single, I Am Here, and we’ve been taking a good listen here at the Send Me Your Ears Studio today.

I Am Here is a song about trying to gain your love’s attention, whilst balancing giving them enough space. Its about one sided love and the heartache that that entails.

Feeble is the solo project of Stefan Ekenberg. This is the second project that he has produced recently under this name.

I Am Here is a smooth, lo-fi dream-pop song that just washes over you. With dreamy guitars and synths layering underneath several harmony vocals, I Am Here is sure to wash you away. I Am Here feels like the kind of music that you might choose to chill out to. Perhaps something to listen to with your coffee on a lazy Sunday morning (which is what we’re doing right now!).

I Am Here has minimal rhythm section, dominated by an electronic sounding snare, but it doesn’t need a great deal of percussion – it sits well as a chill out track.

The chorus effect on the backing vocals makes them feel as though they’re swirling around in your ears and the stereo delay that comes in adds to the whole dreamy feel.

There’s some interesting and unique sounding synths coming and going throughout the song to help with rise and fall and a few sound effects thrown in for good measure.

Feeble’s I Am Here is a very experimental feeling track. There are some definite Roger Waters moments where you can here what sounds like shouting – perhaps someone giving orders, we weren’t quite sure, but it all reminded us very much of Roger Waters Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking album.

I Am Here is a quiet track compared to other tracks of the same genre. We feel it could use some extra compression with make up gain to get perhaps an additional 4dB or so, to bring it more into line with commercial releases. We’d also suggest trying the following EQ changes;

A cut around 250Hz to balance a few peaking frequencies. A wide sweeping cut across the middle, centred around 600Hz to help the vocals fit more comfortably in the track. (The compressor will help with this too). We’d also suggest boosting the bottom 2-3 octaves to add some warmth and help the low end sit more comfortably. The top 3 octaves could use a boost to add some more life, and an extra shelf boost around 12kHz will make the song sparkle a little more. Some additional reverb will also help to make the vocals sit better and feel a little less lo-fi (if indeed that is what the artist wants.). We’d love the opportunity to re-master this track and feel that it has lots of potential to sound very Pink Floyd like.

Feeble has produced a dreamy, lo-fi song in I Am Here and we’re excited to see the progression of this relatively new project.

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  1. Thank you for the nice words and a great review. Rogers Waters was definitely one source of inspiration, especially the screaming parts.
    I will look at the suggested changes and pay closer attention to this next time.
    feeble aka Stefan Ekenberg

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