Feel Trip – Fame

Vancouver (Canada) based band, Feel Trip, have just released their debut single, Fame, and we’ve been taking a listen here in the studio at Send Me Your Ears.

Fame, and indeed the forthcoming EP, was recorded “live off the studio floor” in 6 hours. What that really means for the listener is you get a real feel for the musicality and tightness of these talented guys, but you do lose just a little of the polishing you might find on a tracked studio album. For a debut EP, we think it was a good idea to record this way. The band are clearly very tight (and probably an absolute joy to behold at a live show). Its likely that a debut EP like this will ensure plenty more live bookings.

The song starts strongly with a great “12,3,4” live feel and a quick drum fill and then moves into some beautifully stereo and panned guitars. The two guitarists are tight and work well off each other. With some complementary rhythm patterns and some great “chugging” guitar riffs, this is a fun, slightly punky feel track with a lot of energy.

The song is very much driven by the drums. They’re high in the mix and strive to keep pushing the song forward throughout. Well played and very tight.

The guitar solo is fantastic! It starts with some simple riffs and a great tone and just keeps on building and adding some great tension. It sure made us nod our heads and smile.

There’s a slight Red Hot Chilli Peppers influence in the vocals – perhaps a touch of the Ramones too. We mean this in the politest possible way; they’re kinda shouty! Not an issue for this genre of music and it works well to add the tension. The lack of melody in the vocal line is counteracted by the interesting guitar riffs and bassline that are playing off each other.

Its always difficult to get a great off the floor recording but Feel Trip have done pretty well here. To us, the vocals are little lost in the mix which meant the lyrics are unclear. The vocals are heavily distorted and probably heavily compressed too but are sitting a little too low for any clarity. We’d boost the top octave for a little more brightness in the drum track and do a little notch out around 150Hz where the tuning of the snare is a little dominant. A cut in the 300-400Hz range will alleviate just a touch of muddiness in the overall track.

Feel Trip are clearly a supremely well rehearsed bunch who have forged a tight and slightly quirky indie/garage rock band. As a debut single, Fame is extremely promising and we most certainly can’t wait to see where they take things. A great live feeling single.