Fendahlene are an expat-Aussie indie rock band, now based in the UK. We’ve been taking a listen to their latest single, Get Over It, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

From the band; “Get Over It is a song about dealing with the built-up frustrations caused by situations spiralling out of control, when eyes and ears are wilfully shut down to any logical arguments or suggested solutions. Although frustration boils over, we find seeds of hope. By confronting these situations, as opposed to sweeping them under the carpet, or even worse allowing them to become the ‘new normal’, things can get better. This is the challenge posed by Get Over It – do we let it go, or do we make a real effort to improve things?”

Get Over It is a fun, brief, foray into garage/indie rock. This 2 minutes and 15 seconds blast of quality rock is catchy, punchy and exciting with clear and present drums and excellent musicianship.

We like the stabbing, crunchy electric guitars that power the track forward, they add a great deal of excitement to the mix. We also liked the acoustic guitar used in the breakdown after the solo. The guitar solo is brief (just like the rest of the song!) and makes great use of effects, using a great deal of repeated echoed notes, meaning that the solo, whilst simple, totally maintained our interest.

We were particularly impressed with how well the song has been structured. For such a short number, this track makes great use of rise and fall to keep each section of the song separate. The build to silence and then into a final chorus worked particularly well.

A stinger ending is always a great touch, especially on a punky/ rocky number such as this, so another box ticked there!

Mixed and produced by the legendary, Kevin Shirley, this track is, as you would expect, very well balanced. To our taste, a small boost at around 60Hz for more thump of the kick drum and a small cut around 100Hz to balance the bass out a little. A small but wide boost right across the mids would give the track a slightly fuller feel and a high shelf boost in the top octave for some extra brightness and ‘zing’. As always this is just our opinion as this is already a great sounding track and doesn’t ‘need’ anything !!

Get Over It is a stunning rock track that stands up against it’s contemporaries exceptionally well. Worthy of commercial air play, this song has all the elements needed to take Fendahlene to the next level. We wish them well and look forward to hearing more from them in the future.