A little while back, we reviewed Feralman’s track, Golden Canary. We’ve had the honour of taking a listen to his latest track, Memories Remain, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio and we have to say, this artist just gets better and better.

Memories Remain has an important message; don’t let life pass you by. It’s about creating positive memories and not dwelling on the negatives. Once again, Feralman has made us feel all warm and fuzzy!! With Golden Canary being a song centred around acting on your own dreams, and Memories Remain now adding to this flurry of positivity, this is an artist that we need on the scene now more than ever.

Starting on gently picked acoustic guitar and with some beautifully deep sub bass notes, Memories Remain feels almost Mediaeval, perhaps a touch Celtic. Very much in the same style as Golden Canary and feeling like this artist has absolutely hit the nail on the head when it comes to writing music for sync licensing.

Memories Remain is a positively euphoric track with perfectly timed layered vocal harmonies that just wash over you and give a sense of calm.

The song develops nicely with some gentle percussion and the addition of some positively sumptuous violin riffs panned left and right.

The swelling cymbals separate the different sections of the track superbly and the marching snare that later adds some hand claps at the end of each fill was positively inspired. At one point towards the end we heard a few flute notes thrown in for good measure. This song really does tick all the boxes for this style of music and we are truly impressed.

From a production perspective, we felt that the acoustic guitar (like almost all acoustic guitars) is resonating a little at G3 so an accurate cut at 196Hz would help to ameliorate any dominating tones there. A cut around 400Hz to 450Hz just for balance and a wide boost centred around 7kHz to bring out the breathiness of the vocals as well as the tambourine hits and the swelling use of cymbals. A couple of tiny suggestions to suit our own ears on a track that is already spectacular.

Feralman is fast becoming a favourite here at the Send Me Your Ears studio. With quality songwriting, fantastic delivery and superb production, this is an artist that we will no doubt be listening to for years to come.