Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Norway’s Filip Dahl. Can You See the World was released on March 3rd 2023 and for fans of progressive rock with plenty of instrumental sections, this song will surely float your boat.

Can You See The World is written as an observation and statement about how unpredictable the future of the world we live in has proven to be, due to the crazy egos of leading politicians. As Filip says, “We could all start to wonder what our children and grandchildren will grow up to inherit.”

Can You See The World is a Dream Theater fan’s dream! Starting with chorused and delayed guitars with a very interesting and engaging guitar line, reminiscent of Dream Theater, this is a song that instantly grabs your attention. We’re huge Dream Theater fans here at Send Me Your Ears, so we knew this was going to be a great track straight away.

The song builds into a guitar solo with a simple drum pattern behind it. The tone on the guitar is very reminiscent of Gary Moore here, and the note choices, are very reminiscent of Brian May’s Innuendo era (particularly the track, Bijou)

Can You See The World continues to progress and build with additional instruments, Hammond for example, until the vocals come in at about 2 minutes in. The vocals are layered with harmonies and doubled lines.

An exhilarating drum fill leads into another huge instrumental section with a dynamic shift in tempo and energy. An Iron Maiden-like galloping bass line drives the song here. Dahl makes superb use of sections to maintain the listeners’ interest and after another vocal section with some lovely piano incidentals and lots of harmonies, we’re led back into a Hammond solo, taken over by a funkier blues rock style guitar solo which takes us powering to the end.

Ideas from our ears

A fairly large boost around 55Hz would bring in some extra warmth in the low end and accentuate the thickness and ‘thump’ in the kick drum. A small cut around 130Hz would reduce the occasional ‘boomy’ sound. A cut in the vocal track around 450Hz would control a slight peak and help it fit a little better in the track. A boost around 2.5kHz would enhance the character in some of the lead guitar parts and a final boost in the top octave for a touch more brightness and clarity overall. Finally, a light compressor/limiter and maybe 3dB of make-up gain would balance out the quieter sections with the louder parts. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

At five and a half minutes long, this is intelligent music for intelligent listeners. If you’re looking for a 3-chord sappy pop song, move on by. If you’re looking for high-quality musicianship and well-crafted instrumentals, Can You See The World, will delight your ears.