Forever – So Far Away

If you’ve ever felt the need to shout “more cowbell” then Forever’s latest single, So Far Away” might just hit the spot for you!
Hailing from Sweden, this long-time friends duo have written and recorded a catchy tune about a heartbreaking goodbye and a longing for what could have been. Sounding surprisingly upbeat for the subject matter, this song hits you right at the start with positivity.

Some pleasing layered vocals take charge in this song. Lots of harmonies and variety to maintain the listeners interest.
We like the breakdown where the song shrinks down to just acoustic guitar and vocals and slowly but surely builds and builds with some great work on the drums that take centre stage at this point.
With a tambourine shake and a general “wrapping up” feel at around 3 minutes, the song suddenly bursts back in with a lovely hammond smear and back into the chorus chords, but this time without the lyrics – just some “na na nahs!” to fade.

Its evident that Jacob Johnsson on vocals and rhythm guitar and Niklas Jacobsson on lead guitar and background vocals have been working together for quite some time. There’s a chemistry here that you only find in a close friendship. There’s an almost intuitive feel to the harmony vocals.

The song is well mixed with all the instrumentation being given plenty of its own space. Jacobsson has recently graduated with a degree in music production and So Far Away has been recorded in the band’s home studio. Kudos for Jacobsson for a great mix. For our own personal taste we’d suggest a slight boost around 50-60Hz to give the kick drum a little more punch. We’d also recommend a dip in the vocal track around 600-800Hz to just notch out a little of the boxy feeling in the track. Finally, we recommend a shelf boost of the top two octaves to give just a little more life to the drums.

So Far Away is a super-catchy 90s sounding feel good indie rock song. With plenty of drive and a positive attitude we think Forever are on the right track to make some waves – especially in their native land of Sweden.