frances hope – beautiful mind

Victoria, BC (Canada) artist, Frances Hope, has a new single just out. We’ve been taking several listens to “Beautiful Mind” here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Beautiful Mind is a piano led ballad with an important message. It’s about people who have stayed in abusive relationships because they’ve been beaten down. It’s for those who are weary and have been made to feel that they’re worthless.Beautiful Mind urges the listener to heal and move on, knowing that they deserve more.

We found ourselves focussing much more on the sound of Frances’ voice than the lyrics during this song. The reverb drenched Clannad/ Enya style vocals were relaxing and warm. Almost as though they had been recorded in a distant cathedral.

Hope’s head voice was superb on this track. We were very drawn in to the vulnerability and breathiness. The vibrato on some of the long notes showed some great control and technique.

With the occasional harmony coming in and out, we felt swept along by the beauty of this warm track. The piano was simple but well placed and the strings added some important frequencies, but also added to the emotion of the track.

At almost five minutes long, this track is most likely to receive college and internet radio air play rather than commercial. It’s a song which sits gently in the background and we can imagine it being used in a montage during a TV show – perhaps something along the lines of the recent popular Netflix show, Maid.

For a song with such an important message, we felt that perhaps the reverb was either too much, or the pre-delay needed to be increased in order to make the lyrics just a little clearer.

Clearly a very ambitious artist, Frances Hope is an up and coming artist with an important message. An advocate for mental health, her own struggles led her to start working on her songwriting. With music and a vocal style inspired by Joni Mitchell, this talented young BC performer has the world ahead of her. We look forward to hearing her progress.