Galaxy Thief – Timewaster

Southampton (UK) based band, Galaxy Thief, have released an absolute corker of a song, Timewaster. This song is quite the opposite of a timewaster!! If you have 3 minutes and 16 seconds to spare. I urge you to go listen to it right now. And if not… make time! You’ll not be sorry!

Timewaster grabs your attention immediately. The vocals come in strongly, confidently and clearly. This is the second release with their new vocalist, Rhys, and they’ve made the right decision. This is quality stuff.

The whole track somehow managed to conjure up an 80s feel Johnny Hates Jazz sort of style, whilst also sounding really current. This is really radio friendly material with a great stinger ending.

There’s some absolutely virtuoso playing by all members of the band and its very clear that they’re a well rehearsed outfit. Oh to see them perform live! I bet they kill it.

Particular kudos goes to the drummer for some awesome high hat work, unique and interesting fills, and a lovely half time feel in places.

This is a song that maintains interest throughout. With various sections that flow seamlessly into each other, Timewaster is an instant classic.

There’s some real attention to detail here – for example the additional lower octave vocal line in the breakdown helps to fill out the sound and that stadium reverb on the guitar solo is out of this world.

Its not often that I am 100% impressed with the production on a track but Galaxy Thief are damn near perfect with the production on this track. My only personal improvement I’d suggest would be that the drums lose a little energy during the guitar solo. It feels like the overall track has been compressed so much that its squeezed out a little of the transients and therefore some of the punch of the drums. Personal choice though, and on the whole this really is quite excellent.

Galaxy Thief are on a promising trajectory. This is really classy, well produced, well performed and interesting material. I can’t wait to hear more.

We give this track five ears out of five