Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we started the day by listening to Garland Kelley’s latest single, A Mind Of Your Own, and what a fantastic and uplifting start it was!

A Mind Of Your Own is a positive-sounding song with call-to-action lyrics: we should all strive to become the change we wish to see and the path to freedom lies in having a mind of your own.

The song fools you at the start into thinking you may be about to listen to a very gentle singer-songwriter track. Some beautiful finger-picked guitar leads you in. The low string on the guitar is down-tuned, not to the usual D but down to a C# which makes it sound even thicker and fuller: producing a sumptuous landscape for the other instruments and voice to join.

When the voice comes in, Garland has some real character. The vocal line flows effortlessly the lyrics work extremely well rhythmically. It is an instantly distinctive and charming voice which grabs your attention and runs with it.

By the time the chorus comes around, you find yourself realising that this is no simple folk song, this has developed into a stunning art rock song with some fantastic layered vocals.

We absolutely love the subtle fills on the snare and there are some superb toms fills and classy playing throughout here. There are moments the track reminded us of Soundgarden and we might venture to suggest Red Hot Chilli Peppers as an influence, but honestly, this song is, in our opinion, more creative than RHCP!

The dynamic landscape Garland has created is a joy to listen to. The rise and fall throughout the track is expertly crafted and returns frequently to that gorgeous section of fingerpicked guitar. The chorus is catchy and the song has some quality lyrics: we loved ‘Be the change you wish to see, Have a mind of your own’

The guitar solo is distant, fast and well-conceived: switching effortlessly between rapid melodic lines and fast tapping.

Garland Kelley’s latest single, A Mind Of Your Own is truly a masterpiece: expert playing, thought-provoking lyrics, emotional vocal delivery and outstanding production. Garland Kelley has shot to the top of our “ones to watch” list for 2023 and it’s only the beginning of January! What a talent!