Garrow Hill – Depths

Garrow Hill are the York, UK based duo of Stew King – Guitar and Vocals. PG Branton – Drums. We’ve been taking a listen to their track, Depths, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

It’s interesting that this has been sent for review as the duo describe this as a project with two other members who are no longer involved, as well as a producer who is no longer on the scene. (Or did we read this wrong?!). Nonetheless King and Branton are progressing as a two piece and we’re excited to hear what they will come up with in the future.

Depths starts with a very Megadeth inspired guitar riff, rather reminiscent of Tornado of Souls. Nicely panned guitars here set the tone of the song. This is going to be a heavy rock song and we’re excited to hear how it progresses.

As the vocals come in, we realise that this is a “live off the floor” recording. The vocalist clearly has a fantastic metal/rock voice but our vocal coach says he sounds like he’s straining to be heard – as is often the way in live situations, rehearsals and live off the floor recordings. His vocals sound weaker in the track than any of us think they actually are and it’s a little disappointing to miss out on this kind of quality vocal to a less than top notch recording.

We like how the song has clear sections. The half time feel to the chorus and guitar solo section work well and break the song up well.

Speaking of the guitar solo – great work. A superb choice of notes and well placed melody lines. If this is improvised then this guitarist deserves some serious kudos. The guitar has a great tone that cuts through nicely.

The slowed down section to the end had some Iron Maiden influence to it, which is never a bad comparison for a rock/metal act!

Lyrically touching on themes of regret and letting go, Depths is an anthemic rock song that grabs your attention right from the get go.

We’d dearly love the opportunity to re-master this track. We feel that it is the production that lets this otherwise powerful rock song down. The tuning of the snare at 225Hz is, to our taste, rather dominant and distracting. We’d also suggest a scoop centred around 1kHz to take out some tinny frequencies in the vocal track. A wide boost of the bottom four octaves will give some more meat to the low end and quite a large wide boost centred around 9kHz across the top 3 octaves will bring out the zing in the vocals and cymbals and give the track more brightness and air.

Perhaps our suggestions on production are moot as King and Branton are progressing their career on from this line up. King and Branton are two quality musicians who we feel have much much more to give and we’re very excited to hear where they go next.

Garrow Hill are an exciting collaboration between two lifelong friends and highly competent musicians who are very clearly ready to take on the world. We look forward to hearing what they do next.

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