Gavin Fox – Lay Down Low

Today’s find of the day is Gavin Fox’s latest single Lay Down Low. The song starts quietly on some well played rhythmic guitar and Gavin’s voice is smooth. It almost has a David Gray feel to it. The moment the bass comes in you just know this is going to be a fantastic song. It seems to suddenly come to life.
Just when you start to realise you’re in for an exciting ride the full song comes in with drums and honestly, some of the most expertly played fiddle I’ve ever heard. The fiddle sits comfortably throughout the song, filling the all important gaps between lyrics. The choice of notes here is just sublime. The whole song starts to feel somewhere between celtic and Appalachian. This is really really classy stuff.

The reverse crash that leads into a new section is a stroke of genius. It builds tension perfectly as it builds into the next section of the song.
This is a song that is just all rise. All the way through it just keeps on getting more and more exciting. Just when you think it isn’t going to build any more, the drummer start playing a double time section which just raises the roof on the whole song. I feel elated.

Photo credits : Eric Molimard

There’s a nice touch with some low octave vocal lines and the positive lyrics are very endearing and empowering; “I got fire in my soul”.

My first thought when I switched on this track was that it was too quiet. Its not until further into the song that I realised that Fox was just making sure there was plenty of headroom for the song to develop. By the time you get to the ending you’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster. A positive one.

Its unusual to impress me this much as a producer. This song has a clear, brilliant balance of instruments and everything sits well in the mix. Outstanding work.

Lay Down Low manages to say everything it needs to say in under 3 minutes. I will be humming this for days. With a radio friendly sound, a stinger ending and virtuoso performances throughout, I have no doubt that Gavin Fox is one to watch.

We give this song five ears out of five